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This is a sample of Anna’s work - as you can see it is not just quilts. Click on any of the items below for a larger photograph.

Anna's Prize winning Cabin Passion

Anna’s prize winning Cabin Passion. Winner in the Beginners class at the Heather Quilters Exhibition

leather books made after attending Hazel Ryder's class
Fan Purses

Fan Purses

Embellished Cushions

Leather bound books - notice the leaf embellishment!

And more embellished cushions

Embellished Cushion

Embellished Cushion

bedroom quilt

My first quilt

Blue Quilt

Another quilt

Evening Bag
Anna Bag

Embellished bags

Anna Self Portrait

Self portrait by Anna

Running Clear by Anna

Running Clear by Anna

Shibori Big Stitch by Anna

Shibori Big Stitch

Christmas Puff Tree by Anna

Christmas Puff Tree

Gold Leaf Book by Anna

Gold Leaf Book

Wooden handled Handbag by Anna02

Wooden Handled Handbag

Shopping Bag by Anna
Ebellished 'Pervian' Photo Album by Anna

Embellished ‘Peruvian’ Photo Album

Crystal Therapy by Anna

Crystal Therapy

Blue  Cross Quilt020202

Blue Cross Quilt by Anna

Earth Fire and Water by Anna

Earth, Fire and Water

Indian Summer by Anna

Indian Summer

White Christmas Bag by Anna

White Christmas Bag

Wedding Album by Anna

Wedding Album

Commisisoned Leather Pouffe by Anna

Commissioned Leather Pouffe

Embellished Shopping Bag

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