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Self Portrait of Erica
Fabric Bowl by Erica
Another Fabric Bowl by Erica

Fabric Bowls

Self Portrait

Orange Quilt by Erica

Orange Quilt


Square Flash Quilt

David Hockeys 'Above and Beyond' group challenge

Erica’s 2007 project. A Hockney picture produced by the group

Five-a-day by Erica


Doorway by Erica


Kaleidescope in Batiks

Kaleidoscope in Batik

Raw Edge Quilt by Erica

A Raw Edge Quilt

Windows Quilt by Erica

Windows Quilt

Shape Pattern Quilt by Erica

Shape Pattern Quilt

It's a Melon by Erica

It’s a Melon

Crow Road by Erica
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Crow Road

Sew Fibonacci by Erica

Sew Fibonacci

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