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Liz - Needlework, textiles and embroidery have always been a hobby which was inspired and encouraged by my mother.  However, I only came across patchwork – English piecing – in Bangkok through the expat wife’s group.  
Having been inspired to take up another hobby, I bought my first patchwork book on rotary cutting and made 2 single bed quilts for my young son. I then challenged a double size quilt, and made a few more.   Being Portuguese, I had never lived in U.K. except for holidays plus I was living in Bangkok at the time of my first adventure into patchwork world, I was oblivious to the highly professional business buzz that is involved in patchwork and quilting around the world.

Jazzy Blue A self Portrait by Liz

Jazzy Blue

On returning to England with my husband and child, wishing to broaden my ability (which was largely self-taught), I joined a few quilting workshops in Yateley and Camberley.  My interest took off again, and I joined the C&G course in Yateley soon after.  I now have just started the C&G Diploma Course, together with my other quilting friends.
‘Round Robin’ has been a brilliant way of keeping in touch with friends made during the C&G course, a good opportunity to exchange challenging ideas, learn more and continue to develop unknown skills.  A great and challenging way to get into living in a foreign land.

As the end of C&G Diploma draws to the final stage, panic should start to set in, as I begin to realise how many ideas that have been sketched and jolted on bits of paper still lay randomly in my bedroom, in the kitchen and sewing room. So far I’ve enjoyed my C&G Diploma. I find the Diploma phase more relaxing than the first 2 years at C&G Certificate. Could be to the fact I’ve learned a lot in nearly 4 years. I feel as if I now am cruising the final stage of C&G Diploma. Really enjoying it. There is still a challenge to face along with a completion date not to forget and I still need to pack up house and move to a new country. But whose worried, I’m always looking forward to doing my sewing, painting, dyeing, cutting up expensive fabric and patching it up together to quilt another work of art...

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