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Liz's Bad Hair Da

Bad Hair Day!

Galo de Barcelos

Galo de Barcelos

An Abstract in Purple

An Abstract in Purple

Liz Self Portrait102

Jazzy Blue - A Self Portrait

Mediterranean Village Street by Liz

Mediterranean Village Street

Pile of Boxes by Liz

Pile of Boxes

Crazy Log Cabin by Liz

Crazy Log Cabin

Indigo and Pewter by Liz

Indigo and Pewter



A Quiet Waddle or Canadian Goose by Liz

A Quiet Waddle

A Coastal Village Scene

A Coastal Village Scene


A Geometric Pattern

Metal Stitch and Beads by Liz

Metal, Stitch and Beads

Portguese Grammar by Liz

Portuguese Grammar

Pewter and Stitch by Liz

Pewter and Stitch

Venice by Liz
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