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Fabric and Food
Mad Jak- Shere, Surrey

Fabric is involving all the time in technology and design. There are a few classics that remain unchanged the 100% cotton and the pure silk are staples of any good sash. But new fabrics are been invented and reinvented all the time, whether it’s a print on a cotton, a new mix of fibres or an interesting new texture.

The joy of discovering something new, been able to buy part of it, fold it up, have a play with it, show your friends and then one day possibly make something from it. Is what we all do and love and there is no better place to do this than Mad Jaks.

Now I will have to explain how to get there as even with the address held tightly in your hot anticipating hands you might come away from Shere thinking the shop is no longer. This is because it looks like a house not a shop. If you head for the Price of Wales customer car park, but then turn to the left of it you will be in Mad Jaks car park. Now look at the white house, you will be able to see a sewing studio thought the back window and you will need to enter the shop thought the side door. Where you will find all kinds of interesting fabrics and some one off clothes made from a range of fabrics on offer. The shop is chocker block with fabrics, clothes and accessories, even the changing rooms are used to display goods on offer.

The prices are very reasonable, with some top class designer fabrics to be found, the sales one summer and one winter are fantastic with 50% off, ask for details when you visit. Opening hours are 9-5 Monday to Saturday.

After your retail therapy you need to recover so treat yourself to tea and homemade cakes or something more substantial at the village tea shop just a short walk down the hill, very popular with cyclists and walkers alike.


Mad Jak Ltd
Shere Lane
01483 203341

Anna Jenkins

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