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Loose Threads has a small number of members each with a variety of interests. There is a short summary of each here, or click on the links on the left to find out more about them.

Jazzy Blue - a Self Portrait by Liz

Liz - Having always had an interest in needlework, textiles and embroidery I got into patchwork while living in Bangkok. When I moved to the UK I joined a few quilting workshops in Yateley and Camberley. This fueled my interest again, and inspired me to do a City an Guilds course in Yateley. Loose Threads has allowed me to exchange challenging ideas and keep in touch with the friends I have made on those courses.

Erica Self Portrait

Erica - Having learnt sewing from my mother, I made my own clothes as a teenager, dabbled in embroidery and I would always sew my own curtains. I started quilting by accident about 10 years ago. Not able to get on the lace-making course, I thought I’d try the Patchwork and Quilting course instead, and have never looked back - and I still haven’t done lace-making!

Anna Self Portrait

Anna - I have been sewing and pattern cutting for a living for over twenty five years now, but in fact I am a novice when it comes to patchwork and quilting. My experience lies in garment construction and industrial machinery, working for companies such as Rohan, Warehouse, Windsmoor and Jaeger. I have recently retired from Kingston University Fashion Department and have started teaching garment making in Guildford and Bracknell. I am finding my new interest in patchwork and quilting so exciting, my love of fabric can now be transferred into pieces of art work, not just garments.

Self Portrait of Mary

Mary - I have been Patchwork and Quilting since the 80’s, but completing the City and Guilds Diploma in 2006 has opened up new opportunities for creativity which I am enjoying exploring.
Joining Loose Threads has given me the opportunity to continue the stimulus invoked by City and Guilds. Our group discussions and challenges are an excellent forum for creative development.

Loose Threads is a vibrant club and is constantly evolving. You can find information about our past members here.

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