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Fabric and Food
Bagshot- Surrey

If you like sewing you will naturally be interested in fabric. I’ve got some friends that don’t sew and still love fabric. The joy of entering a fabric shop, looking at the variety of different prints, feeling the different textures and imagining what you could do with it and what it would go with still remains exciting to me. Then you add eating to the equation at a good café, tea shop or restaurant and you have the perfect day out.
My number one choice of fabric shops has to be Sew Gorgeous in Bagshot. I read about the shop in my local newspaper, cut the article out and filed it somewhere safe. Months later when I had started a new job, teaching garment making in the evenings, I gave the shop a visit.

Well I was so excited by what I found, that I couldn’t wait to tell my students and friends all about it. I even found free car parking behind Somerfields which is opposite; you have to put this little disk in the car and you get two hours free.
I walked out of the shop a very happy girl, armed with two bin bags full of fabric, all I needed to do now was hide it from my husband, as that’s shopping on big scale.
I must have bought at least ten different lots of fabric, mostly at £1.50 a meter! Amazing.
My ability to buy fabric far out ways my ability to get down and sew it. But I can comfort my self that out of the ten pieces I have made one garment. A coat that took eight meters of fabric but at £1.50 a meter who cares. 

Now almost as additive as sew gorgeous is the village café just opposite, in fact I cant seem to do one without the other. I like nothing more than popping in there for a full English breakfast before my fabric fest. The owner of the shop has a huge personality and her talent not only lies in her menu, quality ingredients, her service and reasonable prices, the café has become the hub of activity and information, whether you just want to read the newspapers on offer or become a bit more involved in village life.

Sew Gorgeous
2 Park Street
01276 850496

Village café
45 High Street
GU19 5AF
01276 850445

Anna Jenkins

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